Storage reimagined


Smart, stylish, signature prints: three good reasons why you’ll get carried away with the Camouflage Company. We make storage for the adventurer in you.

Light as a feather but superhero-strong, our beautiful bags and boxes shape-shift into every space, wipe clean and fold down flat. Use them everywhere, take them anywhere, from Cornwall to Capri, farmer’s market to festival, even slip them into a suitcase for bonus storage on arrival.

Perfect for picnics, camping, roadtrips, holiday, Christmas and parties, barbecues and the beach, even glamming up the garden. This is storage at your service, 24/7.

Let us streamline and sort, decorate and declutter, cart and contain. We make shopping simple. Bring harmony to your home. And let you live life on the move.

debit / credit card

We accept most major Credit and Debit Cards and process them securely.


We accept PayPal, pay for your shopping using your paypal account securely, quickly and easily.