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camouflage clutter make mess look less

Camouflage is the art of not being seen… and when it comes to clutter, we’re all in favour of a little concealment!

Our beautifully made, flexible, wipeclean bags and boxes are designed to make everyday life easier, and more attractive. Everything we make is super-strong and light as a feather so you only carry the things you need, there’s no extra load to lift. And when all is done and dusted, they’ll fold flat for space saving storage. Daily staples and treasures alike can be stored equally well. Use it at home and at work, in the garden, the garage, in the car and when travelling. Ideal for uni, camping, glamping, picnics, beach, sports, festivals, country pursuits, and moving home! Use it everywhere, take it anywhere. Our timeless patterns blend, conceal, mask… and camouflage. If you can’t change it, hide it!


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