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Hello and Welcome!

Like all good things, it took a while… and we very much appreciate your patience. And now here it is, our brand new website, the home of the perfect cover-up, and all things Camouflage Company.

Including us, Corinne and Louise, sisters and co-founders. Camouflage Company is our baby. It’s also our passion. Stylish storage may not save the world, but it may well save your day, your home and your sanity.

Our mission has always been to camouflage clutter and make mess look less. After all, Camouflage is the art of concealment. We can make your life just that little bit easier. Because a tidy wardrobe, house, garden, car, office, bag, you name it – well, that’s the dream, where you can #liveyourbestlife.

We’d love you to join us here each week for news, ideas, inspiration, favourite things and fun tips and advice from smart and savvy women who love the decluttered life just as much as you do.

We’ll be asking them to share their wisdom. No more stress, no more mess. Just your world, organised.