Welcome to our clutter free world!

First just a little bit about us – we’re sisters Corinne and Louise, joint founders of The Camouflage Company.

It all began when early one summer morning Corinne (the older one) was gazing out of her county house window, there had been a thunderstorm during the night so the standard green waterproof garden covers were draped over the furniture looking like grotesque green gargoyles that totally spoilt her view.

Eureka! Out of the blue, a light bulb moment. Why not camouflage them so they blend into the scenery rather than stand out like sore thumbs.
Within days we’d joined forces and photographed a meadow in bloom (our Long Grass design) and The Camouflage Company was born.

That was the garden sorted!

Then came Louise’s lightbulb moment, ‘if we can make garden covers blend into the scenery, why not try and camouflage clutter and mess – indoors!
We know a tidy, clutter-free organised home frees up headspace, so sorting a room, a cupboard, or even a drawer can save the moment – if not the world!
Camouflage designer storage makes life that bit easier! Just pick your favourite pattern bag or box, fill it up and bingo! Now choose to leave it out on display or tuck it away.
Think handbags for the home, handbags are storage bags for everything you need to hand, Camouflage designer storage solutions sorts the rest!
We’d love you to join us here each week. We’re asking inspirational women to recall a lightbulb moment or write about something that inspired them, and of course there will be tips from smart, savvy women who love the decluttered life just as much as you do.

We’ll be asking them to share their wisdom. No more stress, no more mess just your world organised.