Our Story

The Beginning

Camouflage is the art of concealment. And when it comes to clutter, we’re in favour of a little hide and chic. We’ve taken something functional and made it beautiful to help organise your life.

We started with garden covers – protect and preserve, we thought, blend and conceal, make mess a mere memory. Now we have bags, boxes, caddies, Cam’bags, space-savers and much more, in elegant signature prints, gorgeous patterns and famous art. Use them everywhere, at home, work, play and on the move.

All are strong, versatile, British designed, top quality and a style statement. That’s our promise. Spring clean your world, 365 days a year.

Louise & Corinne

Sisters, friends, partners in superhero storage. Louise and Corinne are on a mission to make tidying up simple and stylish. From their London HQ, they dream and design, taking inspiration from nature, travel, art, fashion, friends and family. Their #lifegoals? To streamline and sort, decorate and declutter, bring harmony to your home, and let you live life on the move.

“Perfect for safeguarding outdoor furniture in the colder months, these garden protectors will jolly up any landscape.


“Hidden Gems…. You can’t help but smile when you see the Camouflage Company’s ingenious storage product”

The Daily Mail

“The Camouflage Company’s fantastically well thought-out products can be your best friend and hide a multitude of sins, camouflaging your clutter”

Cheryl Pasquier