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Our Story

Man started out as a hunter-gatherer searching for food and lighting fires for warmth. As time went by and man evolved; things changed…Hunting was banned, fires become smokeless and shopping became the new gathering. Before you could say ‘Eureka!’, women were shopping till they were dropping. We at The Camouflage Company noted the change. We worried about the mess and clutter of consumerism and came up with a good idea. If you can’t change it, hide it! The art of concealment began here.

We started in the garden by camouflaging garden covers so they looked like part of the scenery; we took a picnic to the park, and watched our bags blend into the background. Then we had our eureka! moment. If we can make a garden cover blend rather than stand out like a sore thumb, and picnic bags look like they’re part of the scenery, surely we can camouflage clutter and make mess look less?

So we went home, sorted our stuff and designed catwalk cool, a stylish innovative collection of bags, boxes, carriers and covers that brings storage out of the dark ages.

Louise & Corinne

How different two flowers from the same garden can be. Sisterly teasing and knowing glances tell half the story but the other half is told by the determination and journey they have both taken together to get this far. Louise and Corinne have the perfect working partnership: Corinne’s mind spins at an incredible pace while Louise methodically turns all the ideas into reality or tugs on Corinne’s reins when ideas go a bit too far!

“A clever company that adds glamour to everyday objects.”

“Perfect for safeguarding outdoor furniture in the colder months, these garden protectors will jolly up any landscape.”

“Hidden Gems…. You can’t help but smile when you see the Camouflage Company’s ingenious storage products.”

“The Camouflage Company’s fantastically well thought-out products can be your best friend and hide a multitude of sins, camouflaging your clutter”