A bestseller from day one, Boho Chic just gets better with age.

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Barrel Bag – Boho Chic

£36.00 £25.00

Shaped like a barrel, soft and flexible so it squeezes into wardrobes and corners, this roomy round chest is an instant design classic. Lightweight and versatile; ideal for home, office, college, holiday and travel.


Chic Shopper – Boho Chic

£25.00 £15.00

The cube shape makes this an ideal day bag. It’s chic enough to carry anything and the perfect shape to store pizza and cake boxes. It’s roomy without being bulky, has an inside phone pocket and zip up purse.


Chic Travel Organizer – Boho Chic


There are three lightweight and versatile bags in this chic travel organiser set, made from a wipe-clean fabric with zipped mesh lids and a carry handle at the top

Lidded Space Saver – Boho Chic


This really is a complete cupboard in a bag. It squeezes into tight corners and folds flat when not in use. Ideal for storage around the house, and ideal in a spare room or loft. Use it to move house, or pack teens off to college, or just carting stuff to and from the car. There’s a breathable mesh window on one side to show what’s inside: turn it round to camouflage contents.


Shoe Bag – Boho Chic

£10.00 £8.00

This is your go-to bag for shoes. Light to carry, easy to wipe clean, it has a sturdy string duffle. Ideal for neatly storing and transporting shoes from room to room, on holiday, to the office or gym, or keeping in the car.

Small Zipped Chest – Boho Chic

£23.00 £18.40

Perfect for everything from clothes and shoes to scarves, jewellery and craft kit, this neat chest is a safe way to store from season to season. Lightweight and wipe-clean, cart it from room to room with ease.

Soft’n’ Silky Large Zipped Chest – Boho Chic


Your everyday hero.
This neat and spacious chest is brilliant for moving home, and ideal for storing everything from handbags and winter sweaters to accessories, toys, shoes, craft and more. Light as a feather and super-strong, it squeezes into tight corners.

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Under Bed Storage – Boho Chic


Maximise space by sliding this clever box under a bed, chest of drawers or wardrobe. Flexible, lightweight and versatile, it instantly camouflages clutter and makes mess look less.